A disciple of Yogiraj Devraha Baba, Guruji has reached the highest stage of spirituality with 42 years of rigorous Sadhana. He has invoked all the seven Chakras of his Kundalini and achieved all Siddhis. A few other recent sages are believed to have attained this pinnacle of spirituality.

Guruji is using the enormous divine energy that he has acquired to help those in distress and to uplift the lives of hundreds of thousands people around the globe.

Attend any of the events during Guruji’s visit to the US and Canada during August- October 2012.

The highly inspiring discourses in Hindi from Guruji – who is one of the renewed scholars of Hinduism and Spirituality – together with Guruji’s divine energy will lead you in the right direction. This experience will have an everlasting, positive influence on your soul.

. . . and if you’re destined to, you may find a true spiritual Guru.

There is no charge for any of Guruji’s
events and Prasad (Dinner) is served at all events.

The 2014 International Guru Poornima for Guruji

To be held in New York metro area on July 12, 2014
It is the first Guru Poornima to be graced by Guruji outside of India
Save the date

Saturday, July 12, 2014
For more information visit GuruPoornima2014.com
(Coming soon)

To be held at—New Jersey Performing Art Center—one of the finest performing art centers in the U.S.—this
will be an once-in-a-lifetime memorable event. Guruji’s blessings given on Guru Poornima have immense
spiritual power that can guide you throughout your life.


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Ajay Thakor 973-303-8389

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